Standard Membership and Entrance Fees for Year Ending 30th April 2019

Membership Category Entrance Fee (once only) Annual Subscription Playing Rights
Full Playing $3,320 $3,375 7 Days
Six Day $2,905 $2,960 Monday to Friday and Sunday
Five Day $2,490 $2,545 Monday-Friday
Two Day $1,660 $1,715 Monday-Tuesday
Partner (of Full Playing or Six Day Member) $2,160 $2,215 Tues/Wed/Fri/Sun
Full Social Playing Nil $1,550 Friday Comp with Visitors Comp Fee, After Comp: 7 days
Cadet (below 13 yrs) Nil $238 7 days (excluding Saturday AM Field)
Junior (14-17 yrs) Nil $443 7 days
Colt (18-20 yrs) Nil $885 7 days
Intermediate 1 (21-24 yrs) Nil $1,050 7 days
Intermediate 2 (25-29 yrs) Nil $2,045 7 days
Intermediate 3 (30-34 yrs) Nil $2,710 7 days
Social Nil $8 (1yr) / $15 (3yrs) Nil. Clubhouse access only.

Pro-rata fees for all above categories are payable to 30th April for those joining part way through the year.


Entry fees can be paid three ways - upfront, by installment over 3 years for Full Playing, Six Day and Five Day categories or by adding 10% to the then annual subscription for the first 10 years of membership, without penalty if exiting earlier. No entrance fee applies for those 35 years of age and under.

Annual subscription may be paid by monthly debits from a bank account or credit card. Conditions apply. Please enquire.

* To be eligible for Partner Membership, the person must be the partner of a Full or Six Day Member. A couple may for example apply for Six Day membership for one person and Partner Membership for the other.

Please contact our office staff on (02) 9874 1204 for all membership enquiries.