Board of Directors
President: Kim Barnes
Captain: Doug Vail 
Treasurer: Bob Maike
Directors: Liv Cicchini, Rob Hale, Rob McCann & Lorraine Salmon 
Club Officials & Dignitaries   
Vice-President  Kevin Burton
Vice-Captain: Martin Ryland-Adair 
Patron Frank Phillips  OAM
Life Members: Carole Blair, Ron Knott & Fred McDonald OAM
General Manager: Brenden Ellam
Golf Operations Manager: Glenn Kelly
Course Superintendent: Shaun Probert
Executive Chef: James Vine
Clubhouse Services Manager: Lee Bristow
Events Manager: Erin Anderson
Finance Manager: Milica Stankovic
Ladies Office Bearers and Committees
President: Suzie Ager
Vice President: Barbara Reynolds
Captain: Jan Bush
Vice Captain: Robin Hassall 
Secretary: Donna Evans
Handicap Manager: Robin Hassall
General Committee: Margaret Ellem, Natalia Perederienko & Inez Hunt